A Post-Election Holiday Healing Fair: An Interview With Michael Domitrovich

The Holiday Healing Fair is an upcoming one-day charity event offering alternative healing modalities to visitors. The event includes Healers, Hypnotists, Tarot Readers, Mediums, and Shamans, all offering their services at an extremely reduced rate of $20 for each 20 minute session.

The Fair will take place on Wednesday, December 28, from 2PM to 8PM at Theater for the New City. In the interview below, Edible Spirit founder Michael Domitrovich discusses the origin and intent of the Fair.


What was the inspiration behind the Holiday Healing Fair?

It came post-election. It came from recognizing that clamoring and premature action weren’t useful. I’m sensing that a lot of people are not feeling safe. We are about to have a very rich man make a lot of decisions for people. I don’t want to make healing services unavailable to people simply because they cost too much. I respect that practitioners have to charge what they charge in order to access their market and live in New York, but I don’t think it should cheat the majority of the city out of receiving the benefits of alternative healing modalities. This fair is to create a safe space for people to process and feel in a way that doesn’t cost too much money.

What can people expect out of the experience?

Theater for the New City has given us the biggest theater in their space. Right now, we have about 12 practitioners. It would almost function like a state fair, and ride tickets will cost $20 each, which would give you a 20-minute service of your choice. We encourage people to try more than one service since 100% of the profits will go to charity. Everyone is volunteering their time. The profits will go to Theater for the New City, the water protectors at Standing Rock, and a veteran services association called 22 Until None that dedicated to combating veteran suicide.

Should visitors prepare in advance in some way? What can we do to maximize our experience?

This is what’s really cool about our offeriings. One practitioner is an intuitive and art therapist. She’s going to be giving readings and maybe healing, but ultimately, she’s going to send people away with homework to help them process what is going on in this moment. We have other practitioners who specialize in releasing trauma. I always say that the best readings meet you where you are. They include some of where you’ve been and inform where you’re going, but they get you where you are.

Think about where you are and what you need to share. Come with as much or as little of a question or intention as you want, but know that the emphasis is to create a safe space for you to be feel, heal, and be. We are here for you to engage, clear, and release your toxicities so you can serve your community and loved ones. But, it’s also a psychic fair. If you want to know whether you’ll meet a tall, dark stranger, find a tarot reader and ask them. [Laughs]

To reserve your ticket, click here.

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